Thursday, October 9, 2008

Miuson Chi - Prop 8 is ridiculous and unfair

In my point of view, Proposition 8 is ridiculous and unfair to the country. Frankly speaking I don’t have much information about Prop. 8, however, it seems to be getting more and more serious. One of the reasons that attracted me to gain more knowledge about Prop. 8 is the $100,000 donation by Brad Pitt. When I start reading more documents about Prop. 8, I started to be more concerned about homosexual people.

What if there is an offer at Harvard University given to you with a scholarship of two years and after they said it was just a joke, they are not going to offer you anything. Meanwhile you have already prepared to quit your job, and concentrate on your studies. How do you feel? It is just not fair to anyone, right?

The same thing is happening to homosexuals. California allows gay couples to marry. Now if we pass Prop. 8, then the gay marriages will be stopped. Come on! Stop fooling others around. What is the point to take away rights once they've been given? Everyone should have their own right to have the equal fairness of love.

We allow criminals to get married with their partners, but we don’t allow same-sex marriage? So does it mean that gay and lesbian people are even worse than criminals? It really sounds like non-sense to me.

One of the reasons people support Prop. 8 is because they want to preserve marriage. The supporters think that it is not an attack on the gay lifestyle. Prop 8 doesn’t take away any rights or benefits of gay or lesbian domestic partnerships. So if they are really saying they are not taking away rights then why are they supporting Prop. 8? Does it make sense that they are actually against some people to get married, but they think they are not exploiting their rights? Domestic partnerships are not a substitute for marriage, are they?

Laws treat everyone equally. And I believe the equal protection under the law is the foundation of American society. We have the freedoms of religion and speech, why not the freedom of marriage? If Prop. 8 succeeds against the same sex freedom, we might have Prop. 9, Prop. 10 later on against the speech and the religions beliefs of society.

Sorry, it shouldn’t be up to the government to decide who can and cannot get married. Marriage is not a business of the whole country. If people have so much time to be concerned and care about the rights of another person, they should try to spend their time to make our country thrive.

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