Monday, October 13, 2008

Carmen Shiu - ABDC tour: Everything a fan can possibly want…almost

With electrifying energy both from the performers and audience, the America’s Best Dance Crew concert was nonetheless amazing and truly displayed what the show is all about.

On Saturday, Oct. 11, five crews from MTV’s ABDC stopped at Oakland’s Paramount Theater as part of their nationwide tour.

Though the newest champions were season two’s Super Cr3w, it was obvious that it was really all about the JabbaWockeeZ, winners of the first season. The crowd cheered the loudest for them, as they should.

The show started with each crew performing a never-before-seen routine of their own, starting off with Fanny Pak, BreakSk8, A.S.I.I.D., Super Cr3w, and finally JabbaWockeeZ.

Afterwards, all the crews come out to introduce themselves to the crowd. Shout-outs were given, including the families of Phil from JabbaWockeeZ and Tiffani from Fanny Pak, and as well was the late, JabbaWockeeZ member Gary Kendall, known as Gee.

Fans were then in a treat as each crew performs some of the most memorable moments on the show. Yes, that’s right. SuperCr3w brought some of their most amazing tricks live on stage. That highly-praised Fanny Pak performance to Missy Elliott’s “Get Your Freak On?” It was there. And who can forget when Kid Rainen of the JabbaWockeeZ spun on his head for longer than most can handle? It was all there live on stage. ABDC fans really have to appreciate the crews and even the producers to include such pieces into the show.

All the crews performed together as a whole to pay tribute to old-school hip-hop after. This was where fans were able to actually see the JabbaWockeeZ unmasked. Personally, it was both weird but entertaining to see the members without the mask.

After looking into the past, the show shifts gear and goes into the future. Who/what exactly is the future? Of course, that was the JabbaWockeeZ. They performed a total span of 6-7 minutes with new routines that seemed to have only amazed the crowd.

A 15-mnute intermission was scheduled afterwards. During that time, it was announced that they will be a very special guest appearing onto the stage. For the fans who research ABDC information online, they know very well that Bay Area’s ABDC finalist, Supreme Soul, was going to make an appearance. Many of them pretty much figured that they were the special guest.


As the lights dimmed low so that the audience knows that the show is about to begin again, a “mysterious” voice came about. It turned out to be Big Von, a DJ from local radio station, KMEL 106, asking the audience to please welcome Bay Area rap ambassador, E-40.

Yes, you read that right. E-40 was live on stage. Of course, none of that was ever expected. Before the show started, there was no word online that E-40 was going to be at the show. This definitely hyped up the crowd and was an excellent way to restart the show again after the intermission. E-40 performed his newest single, “Wake It Up,” and the real turning-point single in terms of mainstream radio, “Tell Me When to Go.”

To pay tribute to the Jacksons, members of all crew (with the exception of the JabbaWockeeZ) performed together as they did on the show itself for season two to Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation.”

The JabbaWockeeZ then gave the same performance as they did on the show live on stage and that was the routine to Michael Jackon’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing).”

Each crew then had a segment on the big screen to thank the fans, look silly to entertain, and also to introduce their routine. Some of the routines were from when they performed on the show, while others were brand new.

JabbaWockeeZ performed the popular routine entitled “Red Pill,” which consists of their originally-created beat. Fanny Pak did a new performance to Pussycat Doll’s “When I Grow Up” that started out with them in baby cribs and then came out to perform in typical career outfits, such as astronauts.

The show ended with all the crews in a “battle zone” that has each so-called battling each other, even though it is obvious that it was all choreographed.

As the music ended and all took their final bow, the crowd rushed to the front of the stage while the members shook everyone’s hands.

The show was approximately two hours long. Right after it ended, many fans stood around the tour buses to wait for the dancers to come out in hopes of meeting them. Although it took a while, they finally did. Contrary to some rumors out there, all of the dancers were extremely kind and wanted to talk with all of their fans. They made sure every fan that was still there are pleased with autographs and pictures.

Overall, the show was truly amazing. For any real ABDC fans, that was where they really had to be Saturday night. The performances are even better in person and to watch all of the crews live were simply breath-taking. It really is almost what every ABDC fan would want for a show. And by almost, I really wish the show was longer. Two hours may seem long to some, but when you’re actually there, it feels short. Also, the fact that Supreme Soul turned down the offer of appearing on the show, which was a down point for those who wanted to see them perform live.

If there is a tour next year for ABDC, it is definitely a tour that you would not want to miss at all. Truly, it was well worth the money, regardless.

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