Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joey Brownlee - Win doesn't mean anything for Raiders

TO THOSE WHO think the Raiders are back on the road of perpetual success after a 16-13 OT win over the pathetic Jets, think again.

Sunday’s victory wasn’t merely a step towards achieving pay dirt. The contest illuminated a myriad of problems, beginning with discipline.

Fourteen penalties totaling 85 yards is unacceptable and is the foundation for most of Oakland’s futility since returning from Los Angeles. Obtuse infractions –false starts and illegal formations- such as the one’s incurred Sunday will hinder offensive continuity, and moreover, retarded the progression of this young offense.

Run defense; or lack thereof. I couldn’t find it Sunday –and I was there. 252 yards allowed – 159 by Thomas Jones and 59 to Brad Smith. Yes, Brad Smith on four carries. I don’t know who he is either.

Davis committed more than 159 million in contracts during the off-season and isn’t getting a bang, or boom, for his buck. And Mr. Tommy Kelly, he of the richest contract ever giving to a defensive tackle, and fresh off a DUI. You’re paid like an elite run-stuffer, but are playing like an elite buffet-stuffer.

Tackling, a basic fundamental of this barbaric sport, yet it’s a concept this group doesn’t seem to comprehend. Leon Washington practically walked through the defense, bouncing of feeble tackles, during his 11-yard run, which tied the score at 10-10, in the fourth quarter.

Third-down efficiency is make or break in this league, and it broke Oakland during the second-half’s vs. Buffalo and San Diego. 4-17 on third down conversiuons will not cut it against Baltimore this Sunday. Better teams will exploit this shortcoming.

If Jet receivers had better traction in the final 15 minutes, the outcome most certainly would have resulted in a Raiders loss. But at the end of the day, a win of any kind in Raider land is revered; no matter how ugly.

However, if they don’t rectify these obvious holes, with diligence, reducing the number of fights in the stands will be the only victories seen in Oakland.

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R. Clark said...

Kwame Harris shouldn't be a starter in the NFL..he is shooting the Raiders in the foot.