Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alex Miranda - Here we go again.

It was the Democrats! It was the Republicans! She said he said, they said he did. Who’s to blame for the $700 billion not going into use? Both sides of the party had people vote against it.

But it seems people from both sides of the party are blaming each other for the rejected plan.

What happens know? I keep waiting for it to start raining blood and the coming of the Prince of Darkness. WOO EEHH UMMM!

They keep comparing this situation to the Great Depression. But the Great Depression had people taking swan dives of the dang Chrysler Building in New York.

I’m so broke I can’t sleep at night. Everything I own is on credit, even my education. I feel like I’m being robbed of my college experience.

I’m in college; I should be worried about STDs and getting laid. I should be worried about trying new and exiting things, like drugs or even the weird drunken nights in a Circus Circus Las Vegas hotel room. Where my guy friend and I are too drunk to remember if we did stuff together. But it’s apparent cause we’re both naked, cuddling.

Insomnia over the credit crisis has led me to sleep walk and write POV’s such as this one. I wake in a cold sweat from a dream where I’m talking in front of an audience and I’m naked. So I run and try to buy clothes with my credit cards. But I end up not being able to because of the crisis, and have to walk all day naked.

Don’t get me wrong. I like being nude, but the point is these dreams and nightmares are beginning to take a toll on me. I’m getting to the point I feel so stressed out I’m breaking out in hives.

I’ve tried replacing thoughts of the whole nation running in chaos with pictures of little puppies and unicorns. But it doesn’t work. Even repeating the scene from that one movie where you can see Angelina Jolie in – I’m getting off topic.

The only thing that helps me get through it is imagining me driving to Washington, D.C., and bitch slapping each politician in Congress.

Point is I feel we’re going down a rabbit hole. I fear I’ll turn on the TV one of these days, and see people jumping out buildings running from financial burdens.

Out off all the countries that hate us, I fear ours the most. Because it’s our own country that has betrayed us the most.

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