Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Joey Brownlee - Maybe Al is on to something

If you’re a Raiders fan who thought nothing iniquitous could happen during a bye-week, oh how naïve you were.

Al Davis not only told you what’s obtuse with his franchise, he read it out loud and illuminated it with an over-head projector. He called Lane Kiffin a “flat-out liar,” and was heard after the presser if he called him a liar enough.

Truth is: Al Davis was the only liar in that room.

“There are reasons which I could go into,” the devil begins. “But I thought what I would do is bring you up to (the time that led to the firing)…”

OK, so, you, Al, you don’t want specific dirty laundry to get into the open? Then, what was the purpose of projecting the letter you gave to Kiffin? Or so you say, “I sent him a letter,” he says. He quickly corrects himself and utters, “gave it to ‘em, actually and Federal Expressed it to him.”

Reads like a lie, doesn’t it?

Later on he feels a sense of regret because, “I hired the wrong guy.” Sorry, Al. He actually was the right guy, but you never gave him a real opportunity to prove that.

My gosh, perhaps, another fib. Maybe Al is on to something.

Subsequently, Davis rambles on why he didn’t offer his version of the story due to the fact he “didn’t want to win in the press, I want to win on the field.” Then why hold a 45-minute conclave with the media bashing Kiffin?

Kiffin said that Davis and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan were in constant communication about schemes. Davis ordered Ryan to publicly refute that claim. Last week former Raider Warren Sapp helped corroborate Kiffin’s assertion on Showtime's Inside the NFL.

"I remember one time we had a defensive game plan because we were struggling against the run. We were going to get our safeties and put them up in the box and almost have a nine-man front. We practiced this thing 80 percent of the time on Wednesday and Thursday. We showed up that Friday morning, [defensive coordinator] Rob Ryan came in and he looked like someone had just shot his dog. He said [Davis] pulled it on us. ... He snatched the teeth out of our defense," Sapp said.

Another lie by the domineering proprietor/general manger/I’m in the market for a convalescent home dictator named Al Davis.

The only propaganda bellowed in that room was what Davis sold to the gullible media in attendance. Davis was on the point of an entity lying. He failed to differentiate himself from Kiffin.

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