Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jennifer Falcon - Prop 8

Hello all you Spectators out there!

It was an exciting week for news at our own campus with many things going on with Prop 8. It amazes me how something so tiny can cause such a huge uproar on a college that is so diverse and is full of so much hope and potential. Its sad to let this issue divide not only our school but our faulty as well. With there cent hateful words that some faculty is saying to one another on the email system is disheartening to say the least. To see our school divided makes me as a student feel very angry.

By staff and faculty fighting over Prop. 8 it saddens me to see some people who are apart of Chabot singling out any group of Chabot students and staff. No one questions a straight person after they ruin their marriage and cheat on their spouse. Its still legal for them to remarry, they are not made uncomfortable at their place of work or school. You would never see a campus wide email talking about a faculty member who got a divorce.

We are offending people who are merely trying to be comfortable in their own skin, the truth is when it comes to Prop. 8 the school should realize that they cannot have a healthy debate on this issue without offending their own students or colleges. I respect the schools stand against Prop. 8 and I think it’s a great thing for the college to encourage and support diversity. Why deny anyone rights based on any reason. We are taking a step backwards at the school if we allow anyone related with the school to say things such as “If you don’t like I hear there are other job openings at in other countries, perhaps you should move there?” or “oh so civil union just isn’t enough for ya huh?” How hurtful is that to say to someone who just wants to fit in and be like everyone else.

I felt I didn’t belong anywhere, and to see someone have to feel this way at their place of education or job makes me feel so bad. Homosexual students and faculty are being unfairly discriminated and it creates a negative vibe on campus for any student.

I wish the said faculty could go back and re-read some of their statements and realize just how hurtful and sickening they really are. I think NO ONE has the right to say the quotes above and should be reprimanded just as any student would be. We should not tolerate any kind of slander or hate at Chabot.

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