Friday, February 20, 2009

Joey Brownlee - Still a damn Yankee?

So Jason Giambi is back to where it all began. Whoop-Dee-F* %&#^}’-Do.

Yeah, he makes Oakland a better team. Getting away from Yankee Stadium’s cavernous dimensions will improve his stats and he’ll go back to using left field. Most importantly, however: NO MORE JACK CUST HITTING THIRD OR CLEAN-UP.

Giambi, along with Matt Holliday’s addition, brings instant credibility to the 2009 Athletics. Pitchers had no trouble zipping through Oakland lack-luster offense over the past two years, but it’ll be different in 09. Assuming Eric Chavez is healthy [all signs indicate yes, but I’ll believe when I see it], the Athletics will be respectable again.

It’s anomalous to have a potential 30+ homer bat slugging sixth considering that 50 percent of ML teams didn’t register one player with 30 bombs. Oakland is fortunate to boast four potential home run hitters adding merit to their high expectations in 2009.

Cust moving lower in the order makes his high strikeout rate palatable. He doesn’t make enough contact in RBI situations, therefore his value wasn’t maximized.

Back to Benedict Giambi; how can any TRUE A’s fan cheer for this guy? Have you already forgotten the lie?

After clinching the AL West in 2000, Giambi bellowed to a raucous coliseum crowed, “I want to stay here (with the A’s) forever!”

A year later he bolted to New York for Steinbrenner’s money. And it’s not like he wasn’t offered a lucrative contract to stay here either.

He was guaranteed 91 million over six years. Instead he took 120 million over seven [a difference of 1.97 million annually].

To top it all off, he went on Letterman and slapped our city in the face. “Have you ever been to Oakland?” Think about that for a moment.

That’s what our leader, my idol, said. I was fine with his leaving to fulfill his desideratum for being a Yankee. Fine and dandy; but to disrespect the fans and organization that help facilitate that aspiration, I cannot ignore.

Moreover, in his press conference upon his return, he issued no apology. He basically used it as another platform to accentuate his time with New York.

"When you're with the Yankees, you're like a traveling rock band,” Giambi, 38, said. “I played with basically 25 superstars in New York every day. They're incredible guys and we had the time of our life."

Sounds like a guy who still wants to be a damn Yankee. So, Giambi, I ask you: Are you still in New York?

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