Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jenny Montes - Don't hate on V-Day

It's a holiday invented by candy companies. It's a holiday invented by greeting card companies. I don't need a holiday to tell my significant other that I love him. It just punishes single people. These are the excuses that we all hear every year in February to avoid Valentine's Day. Some of them may be true, but so what?

Today the U.S. Is involved in two wars and a financial crisis of the likes which few of us have seen. Every time one turns on the news there are reports of abuse, homicide and impending economic disaster. Perhaps an official day dedicated to love is exactly what we need right now.

With all the negativity that seems to surround us each moment, it can be easy to forget or take for granted those that we love or that love us. Looking at the calendar and seeing Feb. 14 marked as Valentine's Day is a simple reminder to let our affections be known, be them romantic, platonic, or familial.

Some may argue that we should be expressing our love for the people in our lives regularly and not just on a specific day. While this is absolutely true, the staggering statistics on the divorce rate and teen suicide in this country reflect that this is not being done.

Our country has many holidays that we have decided are worth celebrating, even though they are based on principles we claim to be important and should be celebrating year-round. For example, Christians have set aside Dec. 25 as a day to celebrate Jesus' birth. But how many of them have nativity scenes around in June? The U.S. was founded on the ideas of freedom and liberty, ideas that are so innately important to our country that July 4 was set aside to commemorate them. But how many Americans are wearing red, white and blue and listening to a John Philip Sousa march on July 6? Few people complain about there being a day set aside to honor mothers and fathers.

If we can have specific days of the year set aside to celebrate things that are important, why can love not be one of them?

So next year go out, get some chocolate and a card for your loved one - boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, grandfather, best friend - and let them know that you care. You will be glad you did.

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