Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joey Brownlee - Al Davis is ruining the Raiders

I never fathomed a person, anything for that matter, arriving late to their own funeral; yet every day Al Davis, walker and all, paces the earth I’m proven wrong.

Al, haven’t you put us through enough? Joe Bugel, Norv Turner, Bill Callahan? The guy, who coached in 06, was so awful he doesn’t merit reference.

He is the immovable force that prevents the Raiders from ascending to the plateau Lane Kiffin had his sight set for. Hopefully Coach Kiffin can continue to set sail on the heading he’s set.

Mike Shanahan fired after 20 games, captained the hated Broncos to victories in ’98 and ’99. The best coach to last more than two seasons under the master of disaster –Jon Gruden- beat his former employer, 48-21, in SB XXXVII, beginning this catastrophe that has been a five-year reality.

Kiffin brings a hope, vision and enthusiasm that a return to glory is probable again. But he can’t unleash this plan with Davis’ interference in football related decisions. No plan interrupted has a chance for success.

C’mon, Al, if Steinbrenner can relinquishe his supremacy in New York, you can too. You were the man in your hay day, now you’re the man running this team into the gutter.

You can’t win football games like you did in the 70s anymore. The times of workout warriors and track stars ended the instant disco died.

I’m tired of your antics that always comeback to afflict us (fans, team) in a negative fashion. You think you know what you’re doing, but you have no idea. A first-round pick on a kicker?

The Raiders, under Big Al’s jurisdiction, will never, ever be what they were –the best there is, was and ever will be.

You’ve tickled my last nerve. If Kiffin is gone, so am I and my wallet. Just die (or kick rocks), baby!

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