Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alfredo Sanchez - I have a simple suggestion, one that strikes me as quite practical- a calendar.

Wouldn’t it be great to, at a glance, see all the upcoming deadlines for things like financial aid, dropping a class, withdrawing with only a ‘W’, final schedules, and visits from representatives from the various four-year schools? Doesn’t it also make sense to combine the Chabot sports calendar with the school activities which I’ve heard about, kind of?

As things are now, I don’t know anything about what’s coming up. I guess that’s my fault. Students are notorious for being lax about these kinds of things.

All those bright flyers around school are nice and all, even if they are just a waste of paper. I often find myself noticing those rectangles announcing some event that has already transpired. Aw well, so it goes right? It’s not like those school events are even that popular.

A nicely designed, easily accessible calendar that marks the days for when and where events will be held- I don’t think it’s an impossible task. It can be online, right there on the home page for Chabot- that way no paper is wasted and any necessary changes can be made.

What could be standing in the way of such a simple idea’s execution?

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