Saturday, April 10, 2010

JACC Los Angeles 2010-Team Feature 2.0 On Assignment

by Jack Barnwell, Editor

Chabot's staff jumped into the fray Friday when Sean Jones, Arpi Narkashian, and Jack Barnwell hit Hollywood Boulevard for the conference's Team Feature 2.0 competition. The assignment was to find a story or a feature along the streets, so long as any building had an entrance from the boulevard.

Here are a few photos of the staff members while on assignment.



Spectator writer/photographer Arpi Narkashian waits for the Metro train at the 7th St/Metro Center station Friday morning.  Fifteen minutes the staff was in North Hollywood—two stops past the destination.



Arpi Narkashian (at left) and Spectator multimeadia jedi Sean Jones getting off the L.A. Metro (at the right stop this time).  Both are more than prepared to tackle and dominate the competition.



Sean Jones chimping on his camera, checking out a photo he just made.



Sean Jones watches as Arpi Narkashian attempts to take a photo of an oncoming metro train on the way back to the hotel.

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Ricky C said...

It looks like Sean is in Call of Duty with the one where he's crouching.. Good stuff guys.

-Ricky Clark